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About Us

MYFEEL was started as an e-commerce in Taiwan and transformed into an crowdfunding platform in 2020. For Malaysia, we do have both e-commerce and crowdfunding platform. Also, our mission is "Make the Impossible Possible" and believes that every good idea can be realized.

This is MYFEEL's e-commerce platform, and will bring you the most creative and innovative products from all over the world, looking forward to creating your best quality of life.


MYFEEL於2017年成立於臺灣,從電商平台轉戰眾籌平台,而在馬來西亞也有經營電商及眾籌平台的官網。MYFEEL以"Make the Impossible Possible"為主要核心理念,相信所有好想法、好點子都有實現的可能!


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