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  • Myfeel Asia - Mellya Musa

    Mellya Musa

    I am really satisfied after seeing how Washwow portable washing machine works. For those who loves to travel, i guess you will be needing this. Moms, you need this too! Hehe it is safe for your baby as it doesn't require detergent to clean your baby's clothes. Silence, compact, and portable with strong disinfecting ability.

  • Myfeel Asia - Sharon Lee

    Sharon Lee

    Washwow washing machine is portable and travel-friendly. It is just the size of my hand palm, which is super cute and easy to bring around. I love how's we can easily bring this during our travel. Where you wash your small dirty clothes on the sink easily. It just needs your 20 minutes of time where you can quietly wash your clothes.

  • Myfeel Asia - Mira Cikcit

    Mira Cikcit

    I find the Washwow portable washing machine really useful, not only for travel but also for small washes that don't require the normal machine. It should also be safer to wash our undergarments with this as it doesn't damage clothing. I'm also thinking to start using this too was undergarments as well, instead just keeping it safe until I travel, better just make full use of it. I'll totally recommend this for those with a family that does a lot of washing.

  • Myfeel Asia - Sherry Ng

    Sherry Ng

    身为两个孩子的妈,我绝对明白初生小宝宝的细嫩肌肤需要额外呵护。当初哥妹俩的衣物,我都是使用宝宝专用的洗衣液或是我自己 DIY 的洗衣粉。现在有了 WASHWOW ,连购买宝宝专用洗衣液的开销都可以省起来,而且十分环保,也非常省水,长远来说真的很划算耶! WASHWOW 的除臭功能很棒!阿哥的小裤裤时常带有尿臭味,用 WASHWOW 清洗过后,跟使用了洗衣液一样,不留异味。所以以后出游,我们可以放一百个心了。

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  • Myfeel Asia - Jez


    我还蛮常在旅途中洗衣服的,因为纸内裤不环保、布的也比较舒服嘛!但都不拿去外面洗衣店洗,浪费时间+浪费钱,都只在厕所搓搓揉揉的。直到发现……这可带出门的小小洗衣机 Washwow,不需要用清洁剂!就可以把衣服洗干净!太吸引我了啦,居然有这么好的东西!

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  • Myfeel Asia - Jean


    我家宝贝吃东西总是弄得很脏,围巾是最脏的,用 Washwow 微型洗衣机真的能洗干净!二十分钟后可以看到围巾上原本已经干掉的污垢已经剥落在水里,用清水再冲一冲就干净了!很多人会说“那用手洗也能洗掉吧?”,的确是的,但是这台机器拥有的除菌功能肯定是是用清水手洗难达成的吧?我觉得用 Washwow 洗衣服很省水(不用一直换水),不需使用化学洗衣产品(出门不用带洗衣粉),而且不用通过搓揉的方式手洗所以完全不损害衣物呢

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