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【開箱】帶著走的『干衣機』?Futurous Dry Angel 微型烘衣烘鞋機 myfeel 品感覺(折扣碼:MYFEELJEZ)


為啥學生時代的我沒有這種東西? ! 當年經常開著風扇,對著校服吹到天亮… 或星期日晚上,用吹風機猛吹校鞋… 還有一招:放在冰箱後(笑,根本沒用啊 結果,星期一總是踩著濕漉漉的鞋子上學去 XD 雖然現在已脫離學生時代, 但還是面對一樣等衣服干的問題…… 尤其是去印度背包旅行,太容易弄髒衣物! 結果房間/浴室每天都掛著剛洗的衣物…… 下次我會記得帶上 Futurous Dry Angel 微型烘衣烘鞋機 Futurous Dry Angel 開箱 主機 x1 絨布袋 x1(出門一次裝起來) 夾子

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帶著洗衣機去旅行?超迷你!Washwow Portable Washing Machine 品感覺 Myfeel


我還蠻常在旅途中洗衣服的,因為 紙內褲不環保、布的也比較舒服嘛! 但都不拿去外面洗衣店洗, 浪費時間+浪費錢,都只在廁所搓搓揉揉的。 直到發現…… 這可帶出門的小小洗衣機 Washwow 不需要用清潔劑!就可以把衣服洗干淨! 太吸引我了啦,居然有這麼好的東西!

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【WASHWOW】便携洗衣机 | 家有幼儿 + 旅行洗衣不再烦恼


身为两个孩子的妈,我绝对明白初生小宝宝的细嫩肌肤需要额外呵护。当初哥妹俩的衣物,我都是使用宝宝专用的洗衣液或是我自己 DIY 的洗衣粉。现在有了 WASHWOW ,连购买宝宝专用洗衣液的开销都可以省起来,而且十分环保,长远来说真的很划算耶!

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Review: Myfeel Washwow Portable Washing Machine

Mira Cikcit

Everyone does laundry, I know but now since I've become wife and mum, I'm in charge of doing laundry for the whole family. Even though there's only 3 of us but I do laundry almost every day when I'm at home but it's worst when we come back from trav

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Washwow Portable Washing Machine by Myfeel Asia - Perfect Washer for Travelers and Moms

Mellya Musa

For those who loves to travel, i guess you will be needing this. Moms, you need this too! Hehe it is safe for your baby as it doesn't require detergent to clean your baby's clothes. Silence, compact, and portable with strong disinfecting ability.

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WashWow Portable Washing Machine from Myfeel Asia

Sharon Lee

Today post I will share one awesome gadget that I been loving to use recently. Do you often feel troublesome to bring too many clothes with you when you travel? No place to wash your dirty clothes? Today I will share about this Washwow Portable Wash

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