Wash clothes without adding detergent? Washwow's laundry principle

Wash clothes without adding detergent? Washwow's laundry principle

Hello Myfeelers, hope you're well. Today we gonna discuss about one of our FAQ regarding to the Washwow portable washing machine. Many of Myfeelers were asked us:
"What is the principle of Washwow portable washing machine?"
"How can you wash clothes without adding any laundry detergent?"
"Does it really work?"

Doing laundry in this busy life making us trouble. Either you do not have free time to wash or feeling tired and thereby do not want to wash it. Is there any way to wash clothes easily? 

Washwow portable washing machine is always the best choice. It's not only small in size, but also easy to carry to anywhere. You can wash your clothes quietly and without using any laundry detergent.


How to wash clothes in such a small washing machine? 

Just put your clothes together with Washwow into a container, soak it into water and let the water level be higher than the clothes. Set the timer after plugging in the power supply, wait for about 20 to 30 minutes, then the cleaning process is complete! 

Not only do not need to add any laundry detergent, but you can also clear the laundry detergent that was left in your clothes! This is definitely such a latest technology laundry method.  Are this washing method making you worry that the clothes cannot be cleaned?

So, what is the Washwow's laundry principle?

It is using the "electrolytic water principle" to electrolyze into Reactive Oxygen Species and Hypochlorite Ion and to remove the dirt from the clothes. Inside of the Washwow washing machine, there is an electrolytic sheet made of precious metal. 

Once it is energized, it will maintain a certain amount of Voltage and Current. When the water is being electrolyzed, it will produce "Reactive Oxygen Species (H+) (OH_)" and "Chloride Ion (CIO-)".  

The chemical formula for water is H2O right? How could Chlorine suddenly appeared?



In fact, the tap water in our home will be cleaned by the water plant, they will add “Chlorine” disinfection to avoid the growth of bacteria. When the Chloride Ion in the water reacts with electrolysis, it will produce “Hypochlorous Acid”.

"Reactive Oxygen Species" produced by electrolyzed water can decompose the dirt on the clothes into other substances, while "Hypochlorous Acid" has the effect of sterilization and deodorization.

Is there making you confused when talked about "Hypochlorous Acid"?

The terms of "Hypochlorous Acid" not only appearing in our Chemistry textbooks, it actually appears in our daily life, like we often used bleach for sterilization in life actually contains "Hypochlorous Acid", but the concentration of bleach is thicker and the taste is heavier.

If it is being used in a large amount, the burden on the environment is large. Not only bleach, but also “Neutrophil white blood cells” of the immune system in human body also use Hypochlorous Acid to kill bacteria, so Hypochlorous Acid itself is the main reason for the sterilization function.


source:CHIH HSIEN’s Bio Note

Instead of dirty and bacteria of the clothes, smelly is also a problem that concerned by many people. When your clothes are left in home for a long period of time, it always produce stench. Most of the odor are caused by bacteria while Hypochlorous Acid is used to break the odor and thereby completely deodorization. Many deodorants on the market use scent to suppress odor while Hypochlorous Acid turns odor into odorless by chemical reaction, it's a better and organic way to deodorizing the smelly clothes.


Even if you understand the effect of sterilization and deodorization of Hypochlorous Acid, but are you still worried about the safety of Hypochlorous Acid? 

In fact, there are many real life examples of using Hypochlorous Acid as a sterilization tool in our daily life. For example, the solutions used in the disinfection of hospitals and clinics contain high concentrations of Hypochlorous Acid. Furthermore, the germicidal solutions used at home to wipe toys, wash children's tableware, etc are diluted with the low concentrations of Hypochlorous Acid. Washwow uses the Chlorine in our tap water in home to achieve the kill bacteria effect. The chlorine in tap water is not too high, so it is not harmful or irritating to the human body. 

Although Washwow can make laundry more convenient, but there is still a need to pay attention in using it. Because of Washwow uses the principle of electrolyzed water to wash clothes, if there is other ingredients such as salt, baking soda or even laundry detergent are added, it is easy to retain on clothes. This is because these additives contain other chemical components that are cannot naturally decomposed by the electrolyte sheet. 

In addition, if you want to use Washwow for longer time, the maintenance of the machine is also very important. Since Washwow achieves chemical reaction by electrolytic sheet, so after a period of use, there may be dirt attached to the electrolytic sheet. At this time, You can off the machine and immersed it in vinegar (non-fruit vinegar) for maintenance.


It is also recommended not to soak the washing machine for a long time (12 hours or more) into the water to avoid rusting the electrolyte. After washing the clothes, remember to wash the machine clean and make it dry. In addition, The timer control plug is not waterproof, please do not soak in the water in order to make the machine live longer!


After understanding Washwow's laundry principle, is there more clear for you? With the basic maintenance and operation, you can have a simple and fast laundry life now! You do not need to accumulate a lot of clothes to wash it together, you can save more time for yourself and make your life more quality.

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